Red Carpet Experience by Chef Vinni Villicano

Private Chef For Hire AND CATERING

Hosted by TV Celebrity and Personality
Chef Vinni Villicano

Chef Vinni's true joy comes from being a private chef and sharing his passion for food with others. Vinni enjoy preparing dishes from scratch with only the finest of ingredients. Vinni hopes that someday soon he can be your personal chef and share his love of food and personality with you!

Food is in Vinni's DNA and service has become a way of his life.

Vinni is looking forward to a wonderful evening with you!

Happy cooking!

Food Ingredients


As a classical chef, Vinni is focused on the use of regional, seasonal, and, when available, organic ingredients, and exclusive premium cuts of meats. Some of his specialties are custom ordered and cannot be bought at grocery stores or restaurants.

Rack of Lamb


All food is cooked from scratch. Highest quality products are used in the production of every meal. Vinni feels that preparing dishes with minimal manipulation allows the character of the ingredients to shine.


Private Dinner for 2


$250 per person

Includes four courses - hors d'oeuvre, entrée, 2-3 veggies sides, and dessert. Free unlimited soft drinks and alcohol drinks. Each dinner event comes with special surprises - kitchen products raffles; health, beauty and household product giveaways; and live entertainment.

Cocktail Party

Appetizer Parties

$100 per person

Selection of finger foods, dips and hors d'oeuvre. Free unlimited soft drinks and alcohol drinks.

Italian Lunch


$100 per person
Appetizer, entrée, desert, and free unlimited soft drinks and alcohol drinks.
Breakfast Omelet


$100 per person
Breakfast appetizer, three to four course breakfast entrée, and a selection of free drinks.
*Drink responsibly. Drivers are limited to two alcohol drinks. Taxi or Uber is recommended.
Prices are subject to change based on food market prices and special promotional deals.
Additional $200 may be added to parties of six or more for servers and prep-cooks to assist the chef.
Inhouse space is limited to maximum of 12 guests and might be limited by current COVID-19 regulations.
$250 per night, one or two people

Stay in Chef Vinni’s condo in Waikiki.

Enjoy homemade signature breakfast from Chef Vinni every morning.

Enjoy all of the luxuries at Chef Vinni’s Condo: pool, jacuzzi, gym, walking distance to the beach, tour packagers, plane flight around the island, etc.

Lunch and dinner is offered for additional fee with VIP discounts.

Waikiki Honolulu
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